Sbobet Result

In the early years, WSOP was the game for men but in 1978, a women entered the Bola Sbobet championship for the first time and broke the gender barrier.

Women and Amateurs Joint Bola agen sbobet Tournament

In the first year of WSOP, it was the game for men. It was no prohibition for women but none of women were interested in this game until it was televised. However, it took several years from 1973 to make women started to see and played Bola Sbobet. In 1978, the first woman ever entered the tournament and she was Barbara Freer and she also broke the sex barrier into the all-male game fraternity.

Numbers or Women and Amateurs who Joint Bola Sbobet were Increased

She inspired all women in the world to play Bola Sbobet now as the history of WSOP though not much news founded about her. The development of WSOP increased more and more during in its early years and still in 1979, the amateur for the first time which was Hal Fowler won the game after beating the professional players there. At that time, so many professionals were shocked and didn’t believe about it.

They were embarrassed by the result. However, the victory of Fowler became the inspiration for other amateur players to join the competition and also tried winning the game. The result was, numbers of amateurs were increased including those who come from overseas and began their journey.

However, Fowler never appeared again after his victory and he was forgotten as the time passed though he had the huge contribution to make amateur played Bola Sbobet at that time.